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Strain Review: Jokerz 13



Strain name: Jokerz 13

Grown by: Papa Jesus Farms

Acquired from: High Voltage

Date acquired: March 11

Physical traits: dense purple and green with wiry stigmas

Bouquet: pungent citrus

Review: This one came prepacked, so I didn’t really know what to expect except that it came highly recommended. That wasn’t much or a leap of faith because everything else sampled from Papa Jesus Farms has been top-notch. Upon opening, a strong citrus hits your nose. Alas, its effects are much calmer than a Jack Herer-style strain. Definitely energetic and euphoric but without the heart-pounding intensity that often comes from limonene- and terpinolene-dominant profiles. The exact lineage is also unknown, but internet searches hint at a potential Compound Genetics cross. Whatever goes into it, what’s without question is that it’s worth checking out.

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