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Strain Review: Killer Cupcake



Strain name: Killer Cupcake

Grown by: Honey Creek

Acquired from: Paseo Cannabis Collective

Date acquired: Oct. 4

Physical traits: purple and light green with frosted trichomes

Bouquet: gassy and earthy

Review: Many times, if in a hurry or feeling adventurous, the inclination is to just ask a budtender (one who smokes, that is — it’s not at all uncommon to find budtenders who don’t) what their favorite strain is and run with it, so long as it also passes the personal nose test. More often than not, you’re left with a recommendation you might not otherwise have taken but one that hits its mark. The Killer Cupcakes from Honey Creek is such a strain. This smoke feels almost perfectly balanced with an elevated but calm euphoria coming from a hit or two and becoming more powerful but not overbearing with each successive indulgence. Whether you need to calm down to stay focused on the task at hand or forget about the tasks behind or before you altogether, this strain will get you where you’re going.

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