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Strain Review: Kish Mintz



Strain name: Kish Mintz
Grown by: Dream Leaf Farms
Acquired from: The Lettuce Bar
Date acquired: Oct. 12
Physical traits: light green with purple
Bouquet: sweet and spicy

Review: Normally, the premier shelf (whether it’s called “top,” “platinum,” “exotic” or so on) is where the strains for these reviews are culled, but upon a first visit to The Lettuce Bar in Choctaw, it was actually the bottom shelf that stood out to me. Usually, that’s where mediocre outdoor flower or shake is relegated but the hundred-dollar ounces here looked and smelled as good as the best offerings at many other dispensaries, so a chance was taken. A very pleasing smoke with a strong, euphoric head high without bogging you down at all, this one is an excellent mid-day smoke that lasts just as long, if not longer, than far more expensive strains. Another great find on the hundred-dollar ounce shelf here was the Don Mega grown by Firehorse.

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