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Strain Review: Lemon Pepper



Strain name: Lemon Pepper

Grown by: Tea H Sea

Acquired from: Kush & O’Juice

Date acquired: Dec. 15

Physical traits: green and orange

Bouquet: floral, sweet, citrusy

Review: In the open and spacious space of Kush & O’ Juice, you’ll find an expansive variety to choose from. Intrigued by the name, aroma and appearance, the Lemon Pepper was an easy choice. This flavorful cross of Lemon Pebblez and Lemon Cooler brings the citrus notes to the forefront. The bright, frosty buds offer a light, energetic high with a relaxing vibe that’s not too heady. You won’t find much about Tea H Sea online but this grower definitely puts an emphasis on quality. This strain is a great companion for taking in some live music or a walk during one of the city’s busy districts on one of our warmer winter days.

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