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Strain Review: Lemonage



Strain name: Lemonage

Grown by: VYCE Cannabis

Acquired from: Physician’s Choice Cannabis

Date acquired: July 18

Physical traits: frosted light green with hints of orange

Bouquet: sweet and citrus

Review: Physician’s Choice Cannabis is just west of Penn Square Mall, so it was a logical stop after shopping. Its atmosphere is inviting and the staff knowledgeable about their menu of high-end flower. I selected the Lemonage. Billed as a sativa-leaning hybrid, it blasts your nose with sweet citrus. Once burning, the citrus is amplified with strong notes of lemon and grapefruit with a mild bit of pepper. Its lineage hasn’t been revealed by the grower and little is available about Vyce Cannabis online, but they’ve produced a fantastic flower that smokes as sweetly as it smells. While this strain doesn’t have the power to cool me off, it certainly made the heat more bearable.

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