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Strain Review: Lilac Diesal



Strain name: Lilac Diesel

Grown by: Budo Bud

Acquired from: Budo Bud

Date acquired: Sept. 3

Physical traits: bright green with wiry orange stigmas

Bouquet: sweet and floral

Review: Walking into a brand new dispensary is always a crapshoot, and it’s such a relief when the flower has every bit of the bag appeal you’d hoped. Additionally, the aroma of said flower also leaves nothing to be desired (Budo Bud has a little doodad that sucks the terpene fumes up and blows them directly into your face — a perfect workaround to that awful practice of stuffing your face directly into the container). While the Tallyman and Tropicana Cookies definitely appealed more to my nose, the overall winner is their Lilac Diesel with its “sativa” effects, which is to say potently energizing. The growers at Budo Bud have more than a dozen years of experience and it shows. From an excellent cure to perfect bud formation to a great high, their Lilac Diesel hits the spot both early and late in the day.

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