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Strain Review: Mint Sherbert



Strain name: Mint Sherbert

Grown by: Dreamline Cannabis

Acquired from: Packwoods (Packs)

Date acquired: March 10

Physical traits: multiple shades of green

Bouquet: pungently earthy

Review: Packwoods brings that West Coast hip-hop ethos to their shop and the flower selection mirrors that branding. Words like “loud” and “gas” come to mind, as most of the selections that were showcased are heavy on the nose. This one was the budtender’s top recommendation and I’m glad I took it. This Mint Sherbert produced a strong euphoric and energizing high, which actually becomes kind of a problem because you want to smoke more as it drives energy levels up without being jarring, but at the same time makes you less productive. Highly recommended for spring activities in the sun.

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