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Strain Review: Oreoz



Strain name: Oreoz 

Grown by: Phresh Harvest 

Acquired from: Tegridy Market 

Date acquired: June 8 

Physical traits: dark purple with light green and moderate trichome frost 

Bouquet: sweet and earthy 

Review: Tegridy Market was a frequent haunt before COVID-19 shut down both Oklahoma Gazette and Extract, our monthly cannabis magazine. Tom Spanier became known as the smoker’s smoker, and the freshest drops of the best flower routinely hit Tegridy’s shelves first. Getting back into the loop after spending quarantine whittling down my enormous stash during quarantine, Tegridy was up at the top of my list. While the building itself and storage methods have changed, the quality of the flower selection was still stellar. Of multiple selections, the stand-out strain was the Oreoz from Phresh Harvest. My first taste of their flower, but my interest is piqued. A solidly purple strain that choked me up a little bit the first few pulls with a peppery note that hits you in the back of the throat. The ensuing high was intense and deep. Definitely a couch-lock strain, so plan this one for the end of the night. The effects also go on for an extended period of time which more than makes up for the bit of roughness to the inhale on takeoff (that’s likely the terpene combination anyway). 

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