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Strain Review: Papaya Cake



Strain name: Papaya Cake

Grown by: Jake’s Jungle

Acquired from: Grade A Dispensary

Date acquired: Sept. 20

Physical traits: light green and orange with subtle purple

Bouquet: sweet and floral

Review: Jake’s Jungle is a name I’m sure I’ve heard from a reputable source about quality flower, but can’t remember where (short-term memory loss is a bitch). Anyway ... Papaya Cake is a helluva strain. Not overbearing but intensely euphoric, making an excellent introduction. With a smooth pull, pleasing flavor and a high that uplifts without overpowering, this is one of the best strains I’ve had this summer. Grade A’s Ruben Carter provided the grow recommendation but a craving for Wedding Cake strains directed the choice. You might forget that you smoked after you smoked but the high, while intensely pleasant, is also extremely comfortable. Great around-the-clock strain. There are several other Jake’s Jungle strains on the shelves at Grade A if the “cake” strains aren’t to your liking (and about a hundred others from other grows), so it’s worth a shopping expedition here.

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