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Strain Review: Planet of the Cakes



Strain name: Planet of the Cakes 

Grown by: Concentrated Genetics 

Acquired from: Solace Meds 

Date acquired: June 13 

Physical traits: light green with dull orange stigmas and blanketed lightly with trichomes 

Bouquet: dank and gassy 

Review: I’ve followed Concentrated Genetics for some time but hadn’t had a chance to sample any of their flower until now. My mistake. The strain that I think will excite most people is Planet of the Cakes, a cross between Wedding Cake and 12 Monkeys. While any regular smoker has had Wedding Cake and its offspring dozens of times at least, the cross with the mystery strain 12 Monkeys really gives it an extra punch. Sweet and rich on the inhale, gassy as hell on the exhale with an intense but calming result that stays strong for a protracted length of time. THC-hunters are going to sleep on this one, but flavor chasers will be impressed. Solace Meds’ “happy hour” sale allowed me to walk out with eighths of this and the Orange Flambe (another flavorful Concentrated Genetics strain) for less than 50 bucks. A side note: a large amount of this might make your head swim a bit, a side effect I felt on several occasions with this strain. Shouldn’t affect you before bed, but be warned for daytime use. 

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