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Strain Review: Project 4516



Strain name: Project 4516
Grown by: 5th Leaf
Acquired from: Gaia’s Favor
Date acquired: Jan. 3
Physical traits: purple and light green
Bouquet: floral and sweet

Review: Hard to believe it, but we’re well into the third year of a legal cannabis market in Oklahoma. Sometimes, the best places to be are back where you started. I talked to Shawn Carson over at Gaia’s Favor before flower hit shelves, a few months later and then about a year after that, but once the pandemic hit, I hadn’t made it back around. Some things are the same: a streamlined storefront, some very straightforward opinions and a heavily curated flower selection. For his very top shelf, Carson has lined it completely with 5th Leaf, who expends a considerable amount of effort sourcing genetics, with cuts from Compound, Clearwater, Tiki Madman and Cannarado. But it’s the cut of Grandiflora’s Project 4516 that he was heavily showcasing that captured my nose. We agree that the line between good cannabis and very good cannabis is certainly a thin one, and we both agree that this is about the most pleasant sensation you can get by smoking flower. It’s hard to put into words, but sometimes you just know when something’s better than good.

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