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Strain Review: Punch Breath



Strain name: Punch Breath

Grown by: The Holy Goat

Acquired from: Evergreen Cannabis Co.

Date acquired: Dec. 1

Physical traits: bright green and orange

Bouquet: earthy and sweet

Review: Evergreen Cannabis Co. offers an impressive selection of flower from growers across the state. Their presentation includes a focus on education, with each strain clearly labeled with its testing results and purported benefits. Unfamiliar with The Holy Goat, I decided to give the Punch Breath a try primarily cause I’m a sucker for fun names. This cross between Mendo Breath and Purple Punch indeed packs a punch, in both flavor and feel. Bright and frosty, this flower breaks down into a fluffy, aromatic bowl before producing a flavorful smoke. Per the name, the effects come on quite strong, resulting in a heady, full-body high that’s relaxing but not anxiety inducing. This flower is the perfect for conjuring up deep thoughts on long walks.

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