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Strain Review: Sherb Pie



Strain name: Sherb Pie

Grown by: Charly’s Cannabis

Acquired from: Burns Cannabis Experience

Date acquired: Sept. 28

Physical traits: frosted dark green, deep purple and orange

Bouquet: gassy and sweet

Review: Burns Cannabis Experience opened in a beautifully-renovated Western Avenue home near NW 86th St. in June. The Sherb Pie’s face-pounding aroma was a surefire sign of a quality smoke sesh. Charly’s is a family-owned grow that bills itself as artisanal craft cannabis, and their passion shines through in this heavily trichome-encrusted hybrid. This particular cross of Wedding Cake, Gelato 33 and Sunset Sherb BX1 hits as hard as it smells — in a great way. This flower offers a smooth and flavorful smoking experience, leaving a hint of sweetness behind. Expect a relaxing and balanced full-body experience with an uplifting vibe rather than super heady.

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