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Strain Review: Slow ‘N’ Sweet



Strain name: Slow ‘N’ Sweet

Grown by: Fire Leaf Farms

Acquired from: Fire Leaf (Stockyards)

Date acquired: June 9

Physical traits: green and purple

Bouquet: sweet and sour

Review: Continuing the nostalgia tour of OKC cannabis, the second destination was the Fire Leaf location in the Stockyards. Having toured the dispensary’s eponymous farm in its infancy, seeing the resulting flower on shelves years later brought back memories, as did the scent of the selected strain. Fire Leaf always tended towards picking pungently sweet strains to line shelves as well as for use in processing, so the nose on Slow ‘N’ Sweet was an instant reminder of the flower that went into one of their two gold medal finishes at the first Oklahoma High Times Cannabis Cup winner in 2019 (Fruity Pebbles OG). Similarly, this one hits hard and fast but without regret. The high is equally energizing and calming with a taste and scent reminiscent of Cherry Pie and its descendants but with a Purple Punch appearance.

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