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Strain Review: Tropical Fizz


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Strain name: Tropical Fizz

Grown by: GrOKC

Date acquired: Sept. 2

Physical traits: deep purple with hints of green and orange

Bouquet: fruity and sweet

Review: GrOKC’s Tropical Fizz finds itself in the rare category of so-purple- it’s-almost-black cannabis flower you’ll find in the OKC area. There are a number of reasons for that,
but nothing looks, tastes or smells as exotic as these strains, so I grab a good amount whenever I find them. GrOKC was an early favorite, from the Jungle Boys genetics in their Gelato 33 run to the slap-in-the-face stoned you get from hitting their Bavarian Cream, but if you’re looking for something that won’t derail the rest of your day but enhance it, Tropical Fizz is definitely the route to take. The flavor is killer and the high is even-keel, so for best effect, roll this one up. Honorable mentions of their recent runs (of which there are many) are their Whoa-Si-Whoa and Chocolate Thainapple.

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