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Strain Review: Wedding Cake



Strain name: Wedding Cake

Grown by: High Sky

Acquired from: High Sky

Date acquired: Sept. 20

Physical traits: sandy purple and light green

Bouquet: floral but sweet

Review: I have a tendency to make sharp turns into hole-in-the-wall dispensaries
in awkward locations because of a love of dive bars and restaurants serving surprisingly excellent fare from such locations. High Sky met a momentary need of underdog hope and a scrappy vertical operation is what I found. Not gonna lie, none of it had the most bag appeal, so I bought a cursory gram for examination. Not only does it look better under light with a magnifier, it’s astonishingly smokable bud for the price. I’d normally go back for another couple of strains before committing to a review, as I’d rather hype good flower than scorn mediocre or bad, but it’s been that kind of week and I’m going to gamble and suggest that you drop by and check them out as well. As always, hate mail can be sent to if you think I got this one wrong. I might even reimburse you for a gram if you make a compelling argument.

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