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Strain Review: White Truffle


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Strain name: White Truffle
Grown by: Zenoa Cannabis
Acquired from: Electraleaf
Date acquired: Dec.17
Physical traits: light green and deep purple frosted white
Bouquet: gassy and earthy

Review: “Zenoa” had hit my ears more than a few times over the past couple of months and the soft opening of Electraleaf’s new location in midtown provided. Incidentally, it turns out that the affinity between ALTVM and Zenoa runs deep, with the pair reportedly working together back in the day. Checks out, as the quality from their flower is on par with ALTVM (the leader grower behind Electraleaf and the Oklahoma engine for Cookies genetics in the state). The White Truffle is the one focused on here but the four strains (Cream & Sugar, Sundae Streusel, Arrosé #18) are all excellent strains. Electraleaf has long been a favorite, but let’s be honest — driving to that Bricktown shoebox was a chore. With the new spot next to GoGo Sushi along NW 10th St., it’ll be a lot easier to grab something good and be gone. But back to that White Truffle, be careful. It comes on strong and can take you for a bit of a ride if you’re not ready for it.

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