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Strain Review: Wookies Blue Dream



Strain name: Wookies Blue Dream

Grown by: Little River Aquaponics

Acquired from: Acoustic Cannabis Co.

Date acquired: Feb. 1

Physical traits: purple and light green

Bouquet: sweet and herbal

Review: Some strain names attempt to be cute, while others just get right to the point about what they are. Wookies and Blue Dream are already crosses, but the thought of pairing the two further doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Turns out it wasn’t. With a calming but lucid euphoric high that works around the clock, this was a little too giddy of a strain to be snowed in with but it certainly helped when it came to shoveling the driveway. Getting straight to the point about what it was actually did it more favors than nose or bag appeal, which isn’t to say it lacks either. Also of note from Little River Aquaponics is its Snow Skunk, which seems to be a good counterweight to the lifting effects of the former.

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