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Strain Reviews: Black Cherry Punch



Strain name: Black Cherry Punch
Grown by: Papa Jesus Farms
Acquired from: Likewise (Plaza District)
Date acquired: Jan. 17
Physical traits: vivid purple, bright green and orange
Bouquet: intensely sweet

Review: Black Cherry Punch is my new Purple Punch. Its bag appeal is off the charts and its high mimics Purple Punch completely. Less sandy with trichomes, the buds are eye-poppingly gorgeous. While each crop I’ve had has had wildly different taste and highs, this run of Black Cherry Punch has the most pungently sweet terps I’ve had since another Likewise acquisition in 2020 with a Blue Skittlez crop that just smelled like sickly-sweet corn-syrup candy. While those excessively sweet terpene profiles are alluring, the highs usually lead me down strange paths. Meaning, the high just makes me feel weird. Off. This mirrors the candy scent but with more of a Purple Punch high, which makes this the best Black Cherry Punch strain I’ve encountered over the past year.

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