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Strain Reviews: Chem Chillz



Strain name: Chem Chillz

Grown by: Lettuce Smoke

Acquired from: The Lettuce Bar

Date acquired: April 27

Physical traits: purple and green frosted with trichomes

Bouquet: pungently gassy and earthy

Review: The Lettuce Bar made it on my radar when judges were compelled to drive out to Choctaw to pick up the Cowboy Cup boxes. Back then, Lettuce Smoke was still in the early stages, but the quality flower on shelf plus being a competition pickup location meant it would be worth following up on even if one completely discounted the aesthetic of the dispo (if you’ve been there, you know). Chem Chillz immediately drew my attention because of the extra tag on its jar, but is quality through and through. Though the parents both claim to be of “indica” origin, the high itself was very balanced with a tapering relaxation. Few of the strains on shelf are common, so the Fried Ice Cream, Honey Bunny and Coffee Creamer all went home for inspection and all fell within the same spectrum of quality. Lettuce Smoke is extremely boutique, so don’t be mad if they’re sold out of one or two of these by the time you visit.

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