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Strain Reviews: Divine Storm



Strain name: Divine Storm

Grown by: Teagz Reserve

Acquired from: Dank’s Wellness Emporium

Date acquired: May 7

Physical traits: frosted green and purple with wiry stigmas

Bouquet: sweet and earthy

Review: Shopping for cannabis these days can almost be like running errands and when you’re seeking new dispensaries for fresh reviews every couple of weeks, sometimes being in the right place at the right time is all that matters. Such was the impetus behind the visit to Dank’s Wellness Emporium location next to the Blue Note. This one was another follow-the-nose acquisition from an unknown grower. The strikingly sweet aroma has a flavor to match. The effects are quite heady, more suited for an after-hours indulgence. This one came from the top shelf, but several others from Teagz Reserve were available for more economical price points that would be worthy of experimentation.

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