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Strain Reviews: Gas Truffle #2



Strain name: Gas Truffle #2

Grown by: Black Sheep Cultivation

Acquired from: Tegridy Market

Date acquired: May 7

Physical traits: frosted purple

Bouquet: gassy and bitter

Review: Since the day they opened, Tegridy Market has consistently been a source of premium flower, especially coming from growers who are new to market. In the early days, Tegridy was an absolute kingmaker, carrying strains from cultivators whose names quickly exploded after connoisseurs made the rounds. Many came to the shelves with strong branding, but a few came in as dark horses (or in this case, black sheep). Little information is available about Black Sheep Cultivation except that they’re an Oklahoma City grower that recently put out its first commercial run (with a second on its way, as per Instagram). This strain is easy on the eyes and easier on the brain, a heady, fragrant smoke that serves its purpose both day and night. This is a grower to watch.

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