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Strain Reviews: GMO



Strain name: GMO
Grown by: Kind Supply
Acquired from: MJ Highway, Tulsa
Date acquired: Jan. 15
Physical traits: frosted green and purple
Bouquet: gassy and earthy

Review: The most pungent GMO crops give off the most noxious odor (garlic-mushroom-onion), which, for someone like me, are almost too nauseating to consume even though the highs are deep and calm. However, some growers have managed to tone down the stink (at least in the nose, the salty funk is definitely still intact on the exhale of Kind Supply’s) but kept the peaceful euphoria that comes with the strain. The trouble with some strains that are initially relaxing is that you overdo it and shatter that calm completely. That isn’t the trouble with this run, so turn the volume up as needed without expecting to be punished for it.

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