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Strain Reviews: Strawnana



Strain name: Strawnana

Grown by: Nomad Processing

Acquired from: Hi Roots Cannabis Co.

Date acquired: May 24

Physical traits: light green and dusted with trichomes

Bouquet: sweet and fruity

Review: Sometimes after you’ve been traipsing through endless exotics a return to the classics feels like a homecoming. Strawnana was one of the first loves discovered through the Oklahoma medical cannabis market in early 2019. This one is covered in so many trichomes it appears sandy and though the nose on this run is mild and sweet, the flavor of the smoke is very gassy. Expecting this one to be more calming, it was sampled late in the day but instead produced a burst of euphoria that sparked a midnight burst of productivity. The budtender said that this was produced by Nomad Processing, the company behind the delightful Dandy Lion edibles line.

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