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Strained relations



On March 7, the Oklahoma chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, issued a media release calling on the Fairview Baptist Church in Edmond to drop “its anti- Muslim agenda” and cancel its scheduled guest speaker, Avi Lipkin.

CAIR said Lipkin is “an infamous Islamophobe who alleges among other things that Muslims worship the devil, and that all Muslims want to kill Christians and Jews” and that Lipkin believes President Barack Obama is “an undercover Saudi Arabian ‘Muslim plant’ in the White House.”

Shortly after the CAIR media release (and in obvious Christlike fashion), Fairview Baptist Church responded with a release of its own, stating that CAIR is a front for a Muslim group seeking to overthrow Uncle Sam.

pastor Paul Blair, who is running for state Senate against incumbent
Clark Jolley, R-Edmond, implied that Muslims just need a Jesus
vaccination against the Muhammad fever that’s clouded their thinking.

are people who need Jesus Christ just like anybody else,” Blair said.
“However, the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood and their front groups,
including CAIR, is to establish a worldwide caliphate which would
include the conquest of America and the subjugation of any other
religion that does not confess that there is no god but Allah.”

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