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Strange Wilderness



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Peter Gaulke (Steve Zahn, "Rescue Dawn") is the host of a wilderness adventure-type TV show. He drives around in his ancient bus with a pack of stoner buddies (including Jonah Hill from "Superbad" and Justin Long from "Live Free or Die Hard"), getting high, destroying property and occasionally shooting blurry footage of animals.


The declining quality of the show spurs a cancellation threat from the network. Fortunately, Peter and the ganja gang obtain a map leading to Bigfoot's Ecuadorian cave (so that's where he's been hiding!), and so they head south, hoping to save their show by making wilderness TV history.


Essentially a series of weird situations for members of the improvisation-happy cast to make each other laugh, "Strange Wilderness" manages to work because both actors and audience are (ideally) in on the same joke: This movie is deliberately half-assed. All the same, many of the gags work in a strange, surreal way and you might find yourself laughing without quite knowing why. R


"?Mike Robertson 


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