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As far as sports comedies go, "Strike" is one of the worst I've seen. Actually, as far as comedies in general go, "Strike" is there, too.

It wants to be another smart/stupid comedy like "Kingpin" or "Dodgeball," yet instead looks, plays and feels like a lowbrow, raunchy sex comedy of the 1980s like "Hamburger: The Motion Picture."

It stars Ross Patterson ("Accepted") "? but only because he wrote the movie for himself "? as Ross, a perpetually stoned actor who dons glitzy '70s garb to become a superstar bowler. Following him on tour are his equally annoying, equally douchebaggy friend (Clayne Crawford, TV's "Jericho") and Ross' girlfriend (Tara Reid, but only because her brother directed and she produced the thing).

You might laugh when Reid's character shuns a costume because it would make her "look like a Vegas hooker," but not for the reasons the film intended. More of a 90-minute commercial for Oberto Beef Jerky than an actual story, it wastes good actors like Ray Wise (TV's "Reaper") and Rob Huebel (TV's "Human Giant").

After the credits, there's a scene in which a man in a hot dog suit busts out some kung-fu skills. That's not a recommendation of any sort.

"?Rod Lott


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