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Stripped Naked



FFFFFF&f=ifr"> I love the cover for "Stripped Naked." It suggests a campy crime caper with the same sex appeal as the underdog "Bitch Slap." Operative word: "suggests."

Instead, "Stripped Naked" is one of the worst movies I've seen all year. Although lead Sarah Allen has something, whatever it is is wasted in this straight-to-vid indie dreck. She's Cassie, a stripper who gets in way over her pretty blond head when, after being stranded one night, hitches a ride from the wrong person. Said wrong person is shot and killed during a drug deal, and she makes a scot-free getaway (for a while) with $90,000 in cash and an equal amount in meth.

Before long, guys with guns come looking for her. When she's not too busy delivering monologues to her pet lizard (!) or conversing with her roomie, Jade (she of the horrible haircut), she's plotting to make an escape to Gay Paree.  

Only Linden Ashby (TV's "The Gates"), as the coked-up owner of strip club Tease, has any inkling that the material is so bad, the only way to play it is way over-the-top. It still doesn't help the film overall, but at least he emerges relatively unharmed from his association with this amateurish project "? so low-energy it can barely muster any gratuitous nudity. "?Rod Lott


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