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Stumbling loss



Miss Oklahoma almost brought home the crown at the Miss USA pageant in Las Vegas. Perhaps if she had tried to stumble, maybe she would have secured the title.

Morgan Elizabeth Woolard, who is majoring in sports media at Oklahoma State University, was named first runner-up after a competitive evening of long legs, high heels and awkward questions.

The title of Miss USA went to Rima Fakih from Michigan, although Woolard was able to walk without tripping up. During the evening gown portion of the contest, Fakih nearly fell on her face when her foot caught the end of her long dress. She stumbled just a bit but recovered nicely and avoided a disastrous moment. And she kept her smile the whole way.

Woolard didn't have a moment like that. She just walked like a woman would normally wearing high heels and a long gown.

It could have been the question part of the event that kept Woolard from the crown. She was asked what she thought of Arizona's controversial new immigration law, which critics claim is a form of racial profiling. Woolard said she supported it because she believes in states' rights (Tea Party, take note), but also said she was opposed to racial profiling.

Fakih was asked if she believed health insurance should pay for birth control, which she said yes to, because of the cost.

Maybe Woolard should have said she supported letting health insurance pay for deporting illegal immigrants, or at least pay for wearing a longer dress and higher heels.

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