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Subsonix resident DJ Dropshop finds success in the studio



Sebastian Madsen felt chills as he played in front of the largest crowd of his career.

Madsen, known onstage as locally based DJ and electronic dance music (EDM) producer Dropshop, performed in front of more than 1,000 people while opening Zomboy’s July 30 show at OKC Farmers Public Market.

Dropshop is a resident DJ for Subsonix EDM nights at the venue, and his work within the event series helped establish him as a rising star in the local EDM community.

Dropshop has worked with Subsonix for nearly three years as an event DJ opening for performers like Zomboy and as a street team leader promoting upcoming shows.

The relationships are symbiotic. Dropshop gained exposure in his early career, and Subsonix has a reliable, in-house DJ.

Finding residency

Now, several years into his career as a producer and DJ, Dropshop is experiencing personally unprecedented success from his recordings. His newest EP Transplant was released on Halloween. Something about it awoke his creativity, and he has since spent long hours in his home studio, creating new music.

“Most of my successes are coming in the studio now,” Dropshop said. “I’ve just realized that the shows will come if the content is there.”

The EP’s title is a reference to Dropshop’s move to Oklahoma City from El Paso, Texas, in January 2012. He changed cities after his wife (then girlfriend) told him about the Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma (ACM@UCO) located in Bricktown.

Before the move, trips to see acts like Kaskade and deadmau5 piqued his interest in making similar music. In high school, he played guitar and was in a band, but he wanted to make music professionally.

“The more I got into it, the more I realized I had no idea what was going on,” he said.

Dropshop attended ACM hoping he would learn how to create music at a level similar to some of his favorite artists. At the time, he did not understand what the full value of his education would be.

“[Attending ACM@UCO] was probably one of the best decisions I ever made,” he said. “Not because I learned how to make EDM, but just because I learned the intricacies of the music business and what it takes to actually produce music.”

His time there also helped him foster networking connections that both progressed his music career and helped root him in his newfound home. Dropshop spent years adapting to living life in a new city.

“I was an adult when I moved; it’s not like I was 18,” he said. “I was 24 or 25 years old, and it was tough to make friends again as an adult and assimilate into a new place.”


Feeling at home

He said he now feels at home in Oklahoma City, partly due to his personal investment in the Subsonix movement. One of the songs on Transplant, “Subsquad,” is an anthemic testament to Subsonix and the movement’s other DJs.

While Transplant was like a sampler of all the sounds that comprise Dropshop, the DJ now wants to focus his career on developing a specific sound and being more selective with local shows.

“I think a lot of times, we get carried away with trying to impress other people,” he explained. “When you start impressing yourself, that’s the moment where you’re like, ‘OK; this is happening for real now.’”

Dropshop plans to unveil new music at his Dec. 30 set at the Lights All Night EDM showcase in Dallas. The event runs Dec. 30-31 and features headliners like deadmau5, Above & Beyond and Zedd.

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Print headline: Dropping anchor, Subsonix resident DJ and electronic dance music producer Dropshop finds success in his home away from home.

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