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Summer Brew Review: Seasonal flavors and styles


(Images / Oklahoma Gazette)
  • Images / Oklahoma Gazette

Summer styles

Hard cider: Hard cider is a carbonated alcoholic beverage usually made with apple juice that has been fermented with yeast at lower temperatures than most beers, which helps preserve delicate aromas. Craft hard ciders straddle the line between beer and wine (and even champagne).

Gose-style: A German-style beer, a gose is a salty, top-fermented beer usually brewed with coriander. It is sour and bubbly with a moderate alcohol content.

IPA: India pale ales are warm-fermentation beers with strong hop flavors, imparting fruity and floral characteristics and a signature bitter bite. They are often described as “juicy” and sometimes “crushable,” meaning it’s easy to drink them quickly.

Kölsch?style: This German-style beer is slowly growing in popularity stateside and is made using a mix of fermentation styles, creating a light, easy-to-drink brew with gentle flavors and medium bitterness.

Pilsner: Pilsners are smooth, lightly colored types of pale lagers prized for drinkability and low-to-medium hoppiness.

Wheat: Wheat beers are top-fermented with at least a 50-50 mix of wheat to barley malt, if not higher, producing a lighter-colored brew with less hoppy bitterness. Styles include Belgian witbiers and south-German-style hefeweizens. They are generally smooth and easy to drink.

(Photo illustration by Christopher Street / photos / Oklahoma Gazette)

(Photo illustration by Christopher Street / photos / Oklahoma Gazette)

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