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Route 66
By: Heather Brown

OK, so it’s not really shameless. It’s for charity and funds go toward making our great city more beautiful. That fancy event is one of the main reasons I seriously needed to consider the evening-wear situation in my closet.

It was dire. After the initial “How have I let it get this bad?” wore off, I was ready to shop.

Ruth Meyers (6471 Avondale Drive; 842-1478) gets me. It’ll get you too, if you show up ready to do some hardcore shopping. Whether the party will require a transitional, day-to-evening look or a bombshell-status gown, it’s a safe bet Ruth Meyers will be able to outfit you for those occasions, and all in between.

A classy choice to get glammed up is Route 66 (5000 N. Pennsylvania; 848-6166) inside 50 Penn Place. It’s one level up the escalator and chock full of covetable creations.

For one, there’s a substantial collection of handmade soaps, because if proper consideration is taken, smelling nice is the first step to getting dolledup. Several cases boast an impressive and modern selection of everyday and cocktail jewelry. Designers range from local to international.

Now, the actual dress-wear side of things: Each collection is adequately represented, but the stock isn’t overwhelming. And that’s nice considering no one likes to show up to a party, only to find six other people wearing the exact same thing. Someitmes can be a bit pricey, but the sales section isn’t chinchy and contains an array of options still very wearable.

Looking for something bright, short and peplum-y? Lush Fashion Lounge (14101 N. May; 936-0680) is one step ahead, with racks stocked. Colors vary from bright neon to light peach. The dress is perfect for a summer party, paired with some wedges, or Saturday brunch, paired with a big hat to shield the sun.

If you don’t have a party, vacation or charity event on the calendar, it’s time to remedy that. If anything, it gives you the excuse to buy pretty, new dresses. Let’s shop, OKC!

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