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SummerDance Rocks!' combines ballet with bold music selections



The University of Oklahoma's resident ballet and modern dance companies hope the rock 'n' roll-themed "SummerDance Rocks!" will attract a diverse crowd eager to see a nontraditional dance performance and fantasy stage stories draped in eye-catching wardrobes.

"For some of our audience members who aren't familiar with ballet, it helps them feel a sense of familiarity if they've heard the music before," said Mary Margaret Holt, director of the School of Dance at OU. "It will enhance their early ballet experience."

Holt choreographed three of the six ballets, including "All You Need Is "¦ ," an energetic ballet featuring eight of The Beatles' best love songs; "Elegie," a ballet for two couples gliding across the floor to live piano music; and "Buddy," a new ballet choreographed to Buddy Holly's greatest hits.

Two OU School of Dance alumni, Rub


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