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Sunny with a side of yum



By: Shannon Cornman

American classic — hot, juicy and thoroughly delicious — can really hit
the spot. Grab ’em at a metro location of S&B’s Burger Joint or
Irma’s Burger Shack.

Hot dogs
sort of like a sandwich, only longer. And it’s mighty tasty when it’s
grilled. And you can’t make it through summer without having a couple.
Try Mutt’s Amazing Hot Dogs, 1400 N.W. 23rd, or Ron’s Hamburger &
Chili, 4723 N. May.

Caprese salad
all summer foods need to be unhealthy or straight from the grill.
Delight in fresh veggies, too! Try the caprese salad at Sauced on Paseo
at 2912 Paseo or Vito’s Ristorante at 7521 N. May.

deciding what to eat can be determined by what you’ll drink with it. A
refreshing margarita is the perfect end to a long summer day. Sip one on
the patio at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, 208 Johnny Bench Drive, or at a
Chelino’s Mexican Restaurant locale.

Caprese Salad at Sauced
By: Mark Hancock


Corn on the cob
a little butter, salt and pepper, corn on the cob is a delectable treat
best enjoyed fresh off the grill. Get your cob on at one of several
Earl’s Rib Palace locations or Kaiser’s American Bistro, 1039 N. Walker.

Ice cream
beat that mid-summer heat, sometimes a scoop of vanilla or chocolate
chip goodness is the only answer. Catch Roxy’s Ice Cream Social, which
is a mobile ice cream truck, or head to one of Braum’s many locations.

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