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Super Friends: Season One, Volume One



It's like it's Saturday morning all over again while watching "Super Friends: Season One, Vol. One." All that's lacking for the total 1970s experience is footie PJs and a bowl of Sugar Smacks.

Other "Super Friends" episodes have made it to DVD before, but this is the series' first incarnation, when you had your core of four heroes: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman. They're joined by their "cool," powerless, teenaged pals, Marvin and Wendy, and the caped pooch Wonder Dog. (Hey, although every bit as annoying, at least they're not the Wonder Twins.)

In the eight adventures here, the Trouble Alert sounds and sends our justice leaguers to do battle with flying saucers, weather manipulators, overgrown vines, makers of doppleg

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