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Super party



Every kind of person is
needed for this big ol’ world to go ’round. Whether that’s yelling at
the TV because of pass interference or refilling the carefully selected
party bowl with chips, every gathering has its setup.

So, if you’re the party planner, where should you go to get sporty accouterment?

Galaxy, if you’ve never been, is a mecca of materials for any kind of
party imaginable. With eight metro locations, there’s bound to be one in
your neighborhood to save the party-needs day. From table cloths to
plasticware to celebratory banners, this joint is packed with it.

you want to get festive for Super Bowl XLVI, you might consider picking
up the plastic cups with tiny footballs on them. They’re perfect for
any beverage, from domestic beer to homemade margaritas. Pair it with
napkins that feature a close-up of a football, and you’ll have all
partygoers covered.

right, Katie Puckett at Epicurean's Pantry

you’re sure the big win (or loss) won’t incur a ceremonial breaking of
glass or other heathen-like behavior, invest in some glassware to
impress your guests. Try Kamber’s (7308 N. Western; 840-2122) for a
surprising selection ranging from pilsners to wine glasses. Maybe even
spring for some candles or diffusers to create an enticing and
sensory-driven game day.

One things is certain
about the big game: There will be lots of food at the ready, complete
with plenty of cheese dips and likely a variety of wings for the

you’re making everything on your own or ordering it in, an impressive
addition for the most persnickety viewers is a food tray or wing sauces
from Epicurean’s Pantry (1333 N. Sante Fe, Edmond; 471- 5777). They come
in a variety and can include cheese, fruits or balsamic. While you’re
in, deal with the beverage front and pick up a box of the Wine- A-Rita,
in peach bellini, berry pom, senorita or CosmoRita.

easy-to-please to the particular, give the gang what it wants this
Super Bowl, no matter the outcome of the game. Let’s shop, OKC!

Photo by Shannon Cornman

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