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Reviewer's grade: A-

Historically, the "one crazy night" premise has fueled many a teen comedy, but few have been as good as "Superbad." Its story of two underdog geeks (Michael Cera and Jonah Hill) seeking to provide alcohol for their classmates so they finally can be "cool" "? and just maybe get laid "? rings of many brainless, worthless Eighties efforts, but is executed with real adolescent pain, love for the characters, and "? most importantly "? a belly-load of well-earned laughs.

So what if the two cops (Bill Hader and screenwriter Seth Rogen) seem like they rode in from a different movie? They're still funny. Another strong offering from Judd Apatow's crude-comedy machine ("Knocked Up," "The 40-Year-Old Virgin"), "Superbad" is directed by Greg Mottola with a snappy pace and a winning spirit, and buoyed by its likable leads.

It's ironic that the film's target audience is mostly too young to gain admittance "? and they shouldn't, as this is one filthy-mouthed flick "? but its eternal life on DVD is assured.  R 

"?Rod Lott 

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