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The gist is that for its season/series finale, one of those ridiculous ghost-hunting shows goes to Hicksville, Texas, in search of the "yeti-demon" known as Smallsquatch. To give you an immediate idea of the level of humor the flick operates, the creature tickles its victims to death.

Ha-ha! I mean, ha-ha?

This flimsy setup allows debuting director Derek Lee Nixon and company to spoof the movies Paranormal Activity, The Last Exorcism and The Blair Witch Project. That last one may be too old for Supernatural Activity's likely audience. Throwaway references are all over the board, including Signs, Inception, The Social Network, Alice in Wonderland, Happy Gilmore and TV's The Office, not to mention The Proclaimers' big hit of 1993, "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)."

Doing his best Ben Stiller, Andrew Pozza gives it his all as Damon Dealer, the leader of the ghost-hunting ingrates, but the material isn't worth giving anything to. It's simply not funny. Unfortunately, Pozza has no one to blame but himself, because he's also the screenwriter.

This is the kind of blathering nonsense so juvenile, you'd expect to see fake names like "Buster Hymen" and "Titsiana Boobarini" pop up in the end credits. And you do.

More effort was paid to that than spelling the titles that appear onscreen throughout; witness "documentery" and "excorcism." At least they got "The End" right, although it didn't arrive soon enough. —Rod Lott

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