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Surfing stalk-arazzi



Oklahoma City native and former University of Oklahoma star revealed as
much during an interview from his car in the Sooner State, according to

NBA’s Rookie of the Year revealed that he’s not opposed to playing in
China or Europe, and the dunking maestro also disclosed that California
has some choice waves. Radical, dude!

was never really sure if surfing was against my contract or not,”
Griffin told “And then it just hit me that I don’t even have a
contract right now, and so I said OK, I better get it in while I can.”

stalk-arazzi caught Blake with a surfboard outside a friend’s house on
Manhattan Beach. Won’t Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling flip
about the surfing?

you fall, you just fall into the water,” Griffin told “You
know what I mean?” In more local lockout news, let’s turn to south of
the Red River. SB Nation’s Oklahoma City Thunder blog, Welcome to Loud
City, reported that several OKC Thunder players were working out at — of all places — the University of Texas!

Center Nazr Mohammed’s Sept. 13 tweet let the cat out of the bag:

n Austin @nickcollison4 @KDTrey5 @ ROYALTIVEY @JHarden13 @MiniT21
@colea45 @russwest44 @DC4Three @ EMaynor3 @AlhajiMohammed.”

blog translated that 10 of the Thunder’s 15-man squad — Nick Collison,
Kevin Durant, Royal Ivey, James Harden, Reggie Jackson, Cole Aldrich,
Russell Westbrook, Daequan Cook, Eric Maynor and Alhaji Mohammed — were
practicing (clap, clap, clap, clap) deep in the heart of Texas.

“This is something that will be on the VHS tape they make about the Thunder dynasty 10 years down the line,” Zorgon B wrote.

players from one of last year’s top squads are getting together,
despite the lockout, and working out. And they’re not staying in plush
accommodations, either. They’re staying in dorm rooms. They’re willingly
holding a college-style training camp.”

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