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Suspected YMCA thief nabbed



Police last week arrested a woman accused of being involved in gymnasium theft cases around the country " including two here in Oklahoma City, first reported in Oklahoma Gazette last fall.


According to the "America's Most Wanted," police arrested Lizette A. Garvin, listed as one of the aliases of a woman charged in Oklahoma City for the burglary of the Downtown YMCA women's locker room on Aug. 29, 2006.


AMW's Web site states that the woman was arrested approximately 22 hours after the show aired her story.



"They say she would use a bolt cutter hidden in her workout bag to sneak into the changing room," the site states. "She allegedly broke open the door to the locker and stole what was inside. Once she left with their items, Garvin would call the victim " posing as a bank official. The victims were so happy to have someone for assistance that cops say Garvin could easily fool them into surrendering their personal identification numbers to unlock their bank accounts."


Police believe Garvin hit cities in:

" Iowa,

" Florida,

" Missouri,

" New York,

" New Jersey,

" Virginia,

" Mississippi,

" Kentucky and

" Pennsylvania.



Carmel Perez-Snyder, one of several Oklahoma City women whose items were stolen last August, said she is overjoyed at Garvin's arrest.


"We're very glad to see her behind bars. We're glad she won't have the opportunity to do this to other people," Snyder said. She has hurt a lot of people, countless, all over the country."


Numerous charges against Garvin remain here in Oklahoma City, including second-degree burglary and authorized use of credit and debit cards. "Ben Fenwick

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