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Sweet 'Serendipity'



A Transylvania native currently has her artwork hanging in the Governor’s Gallery of the Oklahoma state Capitol, but don’t get your hopes up, “Twilight” fans: You won’t find a single vampire in her pieces.

Tunde Darvay’s exhibit, “Serendipity in Color,” remains on display through Dec. 11. Capitol galleries’ curator Alyson Moses saw Darvay’s paintings in another gallery about a year ago and was so struck by her work that she encouraged the artist to submit her portfolio to the Oklahoma Arts Council.

“The shapes of her canvases, the boards that she paints on, everything made it stick out because it was just so unique,” Moses said. “On top of that, I read her bio and she’s from Transylvania, and I thought, ‘I want to talk to this person. I want to know what’s going on in her head.’” Moses was entranced by the colors Darvay used in her art. The mixed-media paintings in “Serendipity” fuse her Oklahoma atmosphere and memories from time in Transylvania.

“The colors and the imagination — it’s just so expressive,” Moses said. “She really is defining abstract expressionist painting.” Located on the second floor of the Capitol, the Governor’s Gallery is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. For more information, call 521-2931 or visit —Carmen Forman

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