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SXSW: A few things to look forward to


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Finally in Austin. I can’t say Amtrak is the most efficient way to travel (numerous delays), but I find it to be a fair trade off to take a little more time in exchange for not having to drive. The train ride, plus some other unnamed events, made for a long Friday.  But it’s a new day and I’m ready to dive head first into South by Southwest.

Over the next week I will be offering reports and stories from the interactive workshops and events, along with some of the films that have Oklahoma ties. As I map out the next week here at SXSW, here are four things that have me especially excited for the next several days.

6-10 from the Congo

My favorite introduction at Thunder games is Serge Ibaka – “At 6-10, from the Congo…” Tonight is the premier of “Son of the Congo,” a documentary on Ibaka’s return to his homeland. “Ibaka returns home to recount the poignant story of his childhood and confront the stark reality faced by a new generation of Congolese youth,” the film’s description states. Adam Hootnick, the Austin-based director of the film, will be on hand following the premier, offering a unique look at one of Oklahoma City’s biggest sports icons.

Future of Cities

I am fascinated by the future of cities and how trends in data, technology and transportation will shape America’s urban centers, including Oklahoma City. I have a few workshops circled on my calendar dealing with these topics, including City 2.0, a look at how urban leaders are re-envisioning how to run cities. There is also a seminar on advanced mobility (vehicle-to-vehicle communication, driverless cars, etc.) that starts my day today.

Oklahoma Representing

The Buffalo Lounge is no more, but the Oklahoma Film and Music Office, along with the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, will still have a presence during SXSW. Both organizations are hosting receptions and the chamber will have an exhibit in the grand hall. I look forward to seeing how Oklahoma City business and cultural representatives showcase our homeland, especially in a competitive environment like SXSW.

Journalism Next

Blogging versus journalism, the future of long-form reporting and ways to better engage with one’s audience are all topics of workshops I plan to attend. Journalism is a tough business, at least when it comes to making money. But when it comes to actually practicing the craft I think we are living in a golden age. Sure, consumers of news have to be more discerning today and there are a lot of outlets falsely operating under the guise of journalism, but I wouldn’t want to do this job during any other previous era. Technology, social media and connectivity give us no excuse for not producing quality journalism and I look forward to not only hearing from experts in the field at several workshops, but also getting to converse with other reporters who will be in town.

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