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Sydney White



Reviewer's grade: C


Sydney White (Amanda Bynes) is a college-bound girl looking forward to joining her deceased mother's former sorority. However, when she gets to college, she discovers that she's too "real" for the other sorority girls, who kick her out in the rain.


Sydney immediately moves into a ramshackle house called The Vortex with seven dorks and helps them in their never-ending struggle against the tyranny of the beautiful people.

Supposedly a modern retelling of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (seven dorks, get it?), "Sydney White" really owes a much greater debt to "Revenge of the Nerds," with many plot points and some entire scenes lifted from the 1984 geek-out (for example, everyone stands up at the end and admits they're a "dork").


Co-starring Matt Long as the ultra-dreamy Tyler Prince and a large cast of characters that you've probably seen somewhere on B-list network TV, "Sydney White" is cute and funny enough, but really will only appeal to prepubescent girls and their moms. PG-13


"?Mike Robertson   


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