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Syndicated judge TV show features OKC teens



In this week of giving thanks, we pledge our undying love to TiVo. Now if we'd only remember to program it more often. 

See, we missed two Oklahoma City teens duking it out on the Nov. 17 episode of the syndicated "Judge Joe Brown" courtroom reality series. According to CBS Television Distribution, our local litigants appeared for "taunt(ing) each other over boys and bad behavior which results in an innocent third party's car being vandalized in Oklahoma City."

Ashley Miller, 17, and her mother, Heather Miller, sued Ashley's classmate Erin Kratzer, 17, and her father, Kent Kratzer, for a grand total of $1,100. The show's press brief state the case as such: "The Millers say that Erin vandalized Ashley's car by scratching it, pouring sugar in her gas tank and slashing a tire and now the defendants won't pay for the damages. Erin says the plaintiff provoked her and Erin's dad Kent claims the Millers are overcharging them for very minor damages."

For those of us who missed the broadcast, a visit to the "Judge Joe Brown" Web site allows for a brief preview, titled "Bad Girls," in which you see more sour faces made than a lemon-sucking contest.

(And if you hear of a lemon-sucking contest being aired on, say, ESPN The Ocho, please let us know. We'd love to TiVo it.)

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