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Taddy Porter's classic rock sounds will stick in your head



Taddy Porter - "Taddy Porter"

Taddy Porter has transported back in time.

Classic rock sounds of decades ago are ever-present in the Stillwater quartet's self-titled debut.

As lead guitarist, Joe Selby strums the intro riff on the album opener, "Whatever Haunts You," which imagines a dirty Western bar where you and your buddies might go for booze and pool, but Andy Brewer's voice breaks the image with his first wailing vocal. The front man's voice has a unique blend of a Chris Robinson from The Black Crowes and Paul Rodgers of Bad Company.

The album's first single, "Shake Me," would make for an easy radio hit with its fast, upbeat tempo and expansive sound, perfectly complimented by Selby's guitar solo. The group uses the same formula for other songs on the album like "Big Enough," "Mean Bitch" and "I Gotta Love."

The band also displays its versatility with "Long Slow Drag," a slower, more genuine tune where you can hear the hurt in Brewer's voice and the pain in a crying guitar effect used by Selby.

But the true gems of the new album are found at the very end of it.

"Railroad Queen" features a catchy acoustic guitar hook and a piercing slide guitar line that would do any red-dirt or county fan proud, and the final track, "King Louie," is the best of the band in all aspects. Drummer Doug Jones and his brother, bassist Kevin, build up the song with long, sustained chords from Selby before the group breaks into riffing that will stick in your mind for days.

The self-titled Taddy Porter album will be released June 29. For more information, visit "Adam Kemp

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