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Take my campus ... please!



Credit: Brad Gregg

The original plan was to convert the 43-building campus into C.S. Lewis College. Lewis, who wrote The Chronicles of Narnia as
well as a number of books on Christianity, was a British Anglican, but
he is beloved by millions of evangelicals who either don’t know he was
anglo-Catholic or only read children’s books.

the C.S. Lewis Foundation rejected the offer, the Greens offered the
school to Grand Canyon University of Phoenix, Ariz. The school initially
said yes, but rescinded that acceptance after realizing there would be
unanticipated costs, mainly related to the city of Northfield not
wanting them there. And, come to think of it, Grand Canyon University of
Massachusetts would have sounded a bit odd.

Company president Steve Green said the family is beginning a new search for the next candidate, and we’d like to recommend a donation to Brigham Young. As of this election cycle, Mormons appear to be the new evangelicals.

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