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Take Shelter Oklahoma files lawsuit against attorney general



The lawsuit made its way to the state Supreme Court, which ruled last week that Pruitt’s changes to the petition were valid. However, the court also gave Take Shelter Oklahoma another 90 days to collect signatures.

“We do believe the ballot language used by the attorney general is not fair. We think it’s inaccurate, and we think it’s biased,” said David Slane, an attorney representing the petitioners.

Slane said Take Shelter Oklahoma did not want to move forward with the
ballot language as constructed by Pruitt. Instead, he said they were
interested in writing a new petition that both sides could agree on.

was disappointed,” said Danni Legg, the mother of a Plaza Towers
Elementary student who died last year during the May 20 tornado that
killed seven students in Moore.

“I felt very confident that we were
going to have an extended 90 days and they were going to keep our ballot

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