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Talk about scandalous!


Credit: Brad Gregg

 But TMRO’s coverage of OKC mayoral candidate Ed Shadid’s campaign kickoff was breathlessly cantankerous. In a post attributed to “staff,” a story several weeks ago noted how “details have emerged from Shadid’s rally that depict perhaps the most left-of-center political event in Oklahoma City mayoral history and portend an interesting campaign ahead.”

Sounds like subversive shenanigans ahead, right? Perhaps a NAMBLA choir performing the catalog of Lil Wayne? An Anthony Weiner from-the-waist-down lookalike contest?

quite so madcap. “According to one attendee, many of the participants
wore shirts that indicated they were members of the AFL- CIO or other
city employment unions,” reported the blog. “Others spotted included
local Hispanic activists, Muslim activists and gay activists.”

One attendee even appeared to be wearing a T-shirt identifying himself as … undocumented.

included a mime, a mariachi band and a “performance poet,” presumably
written by someone who was doing air quotes. Heavens to Betsy! What’s
next? Menfolk leaving home without their hats?

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