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Tattoo terror



 It was what “The West Wing” has taught
us is not a “proportional response.”

to, oddly enough, the Australia-based Herald Sun, Johnson was beaten
with a bat, while the two women shocked him in his man parts with a stun
gun. Then, they decided to give him a homemade tattoo across Johnson’s
forehead that read “rapest” — apparently, spelling wasn’t the forte of
the four attackers. They left Johnson for dead at Eagle Lake in Del
City, but he survived and ended up in intensive care. The foursome
quickly ended up in jail.

Fast forward to last week.

to The Herald Sun, the four attackers, who range in age from 21 to 33 —
otherwise known as way past the age to be acting like a big bully —
pleaded guilty and will all do at least five years in prison.

what about Johnson and his unfortunate forehead tattoo? He’s tattooed
over it with a bar code, and a private clinic is working with him to
remove the tattoo free of charge.

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