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Technical difficulties



the part of the federal system that sends that information has not been
completed for all states. Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, Illinois, South
Carolina and Arizona are among those still waiting, according to

“As a
result, tens of thousands of applicants have been left in limbo —
without coverage that was supposed to begin Jan. 1,” reported Kaiser
Health News.

Melendez from the Oklahoma Health Care Authority told that
the completion date for the federal side of the system keeps getting
delayed, while Oklahoma finished constructing its side Dec. 9.

if that isn’t enough, the Spanish language version of the healthcare
website ( has its own set of problems. According to
News9, the website launched more than two months late, there are
translation issues (because it’s apparently difficult to hire a
Spanish-speaking translator instead of using an inaccurate computer
translator) and applicants were
redirected to forms written in English, which defeats the purpose of
even having a Spanish website and is, well, just plain rude.

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